New Permit Required for Commercial and Charter Boat Tilefish Fisheries

On November 1, 2009, new tilefish permit requirements will go into effect that require commercial vessels to be issued an open access commercial tilefish and/or open access charter/party permit in order to fish for, possess, or land tilefish in or from the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). According to NERO officials, this requirement applies to fishing New England down to the VA-NC border.

Be advised, to possess tilefish in excess of the incidental trip limit, beginning November 1, 2009, a vessel must fish under both an IFQ Allocation permit and an open access tilefish commercial permit.

Changes to Commercial Tilefish Permits

Tilefish permit categories A, B, C, and D will not be valid after October 31, 2009 and have been replaced with a new open access category 1 tilefish permit. If a vessel was issued a category A, B, C, or D tilefish permit for the 2009 fishing
year, it will automatically be issued an open access category 1 tilefish permit under the following designation “TILEFISH – COMMERCIAL /INCIDENTAL – 2009”.

New Party/Charter Tilefish Permit

A new open access category 2 tilefish charter/party permit has also been established and is effective November 1, 2009. To be issued the charter/party permit for tilefish, fishermen must submit a complete application to the Northeast Region Permit Office.

Applications for the charter/party permit for tilefish can be obtained by calling the Permit Office or by going online at

Fishermen are advised to call the Permit Office at (978) 282-8438 with any permit related questions. For other questions about Amendment 1 to the Golden Tilefish FMP, call the Sustainable Fisheries Division at (978) 281-9315.

source: NERO press release