Saltwater Fish Christmas Ornaments

Virginia anglers that enjoy collecting Christmas ornaments which display their favorite species of fish will find a wide array of designs to choose from by visiting online stores. Ornaments vary from simple text only slogans to intricate graphics.

Modern round or oval ceramic ornaments are among the most popular styles as they are suitable for display all year and match a variety of settings.

Shoppers often choose ornaments that feature a single species of fish.  The following list outlines some of the most common saltwater fish species that are commonly caught in Virginia waters.

Yellowfin Tuna – Yellowfin tuna are the most colorful of the tuna. Their bodies are dark metallic blue above, changing to silver on the belly. The body is often strikingly marked with a pattern of vertical lines. The fish get their name from the coloration of the second dorsal fin and the anal fin which are bright yellow

Bluefin Tuna – Bluefin tuna are noted for having a large, torpedo-shaped body that is nearly circular in cross-section. The fish is dark blueish-black on the back and white on the lower sides and belly. A pattern of lines alternate with rows of spots on the lower sides.

Mahi Mahi – Mahi Mahi are one of the most beautiful saltwater fish. They are slender with a blunt head, colored green, yellow and blue. Also known as dolphin, dolphin fish and dorado.

Wahoo – Wahoo are long sleek pelagic fish with tiger stripe markings and razor sharp teeth. Wahoo are among the fastest of the pelagic fish.

King Mackerel – King mackerel are sometimes referred to as kingfish. These sleek fish are smaller relatives of wahoo. They lurk around wrecks, reefs and other structure, slashing baitfish with their incredibly sharp teeth.

White Marlin – These brightly colored billfish are smaller than blue and striped marlin, but are highly sought after by fishermen because of their spectacular leaps and cunning behavior.

Blue Marlin – These magnificent fish may weigh over 1000 lbs. Their blue backs, immense size and bill make them very recognizable.

Mako Shark – These incredibly fast sharks are loved by fishermen. They are instantly identified by their blue color, torpedo shaped bodies, fierce set of teeth and coal black eyes.

Striped Bass – The beautiful fish are extremely popular with anglers. They have deep bodies with alternating stripes of brown and silver.

Summer Flounder – These flat fish have both eyes on the same side of their head. Their color varies, from dark brown to tan, depending on surroundings.

Bluefish – Bluefish are known for their fierce bites, aggressive feeding and brute strength. These fish range from 1-20 lbs and are greenish-blue in color.

Redfish- Also known as red drum, these large drum are among the top American game fish. They have heavy bodies with a coppery coloring.

Black Drum – Another large fish, adult black drum are anything but handsome. Adults are dark gray to brown with faint stripes while younger fish have a more prominent series of silver and black vertical stripes. Both adults and young fish have chin barbels.

Spotted Seatrout – Spotted seatrout are also known as “speckled trout”. These beautiful fish have silvery gray backs with a white belly. The upper parts and tail of the fish have an iridescent sheen and black spots. The dorsal and tail fin are also spotted.

Weakfish – Weakfish are beautiful fish. Typically, fish have a dark olive back, iridescent blue and copper sides and a silvery white belly.

Spadefish – These fish are another reef-wreck dweller. They have angelfish shaped bodies and prominent vertical bars of alternating black and silver.

Black Sea Bass – These ocean fish are small to mid sized, but pack a fierce appetite and fight. Males are brightly colored with black, indigo blue, green and silver.

Tautog – These are another unattractive but highly prized saltwater fish. They grow slowly and are known for extreme intelligence. Tautog, also called blackfish live among shipwrecks, rocky areas and artificial reefs.

Largemouth Bass – Largemouth bass are among the most popular freshwater fish in much of the USA. They are easily recognized by their heavy bodies, green coloration and enormous mouths.

Bluegill Sunfish – An American favorite, these fish are small in size but big in will power. They are deep bodied and come in an array of patterns and colors. Bluegill are one of the most sought after freshwater species as table fare.

Black and White Crappie – Similar to sunfish, these members of the bass family are found throughout much of North America. They are greenish to almost black with a speckled pattern of colors that usually include black, silver, greens and white.

Catfish – Several species of American catfish are favorite subjects of artists. These include bullheads, channel catfish, blue catfish and others. While each species has unique characteristics, they all have similar body shapes, large mouths and sets of long whiskers that help guide them to food.

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