Tips for Photographing Virginia Speckled Trout

September thru October is a prime time for catching speckled trout in Virginia. Although some anglers will harvest their fish, many will choose to release them. Before releasing a speckled trout most fishermen take a quick photograph.

These tips will help anglers photograph a trophy speckled trout without harming the fish:

* Make sure that equipment is working and ready before handling fish.

* Keep fish in the water until the photo is taken. Every second that the fish spends out of the water can affect its chance for survival after release.

* When ready for the picture, barely lift the fish out of the water.

* Have the angler support the fish by cradling it in their hands. Place one hand under the fish’s belly and one at the fish’s tail.

* When lifting the fish, keep it horizontal and support it’s full body weight. Avoid holding fish in a vertical position by the jaw.

* Avoid taking fish out of the water for more than 20 seconds. A good habit is to have the angler hold their breath until the picture is taken.

* After the photo has been taken, lower the fish into the water and gently move the fish back and forth in the water to revive it. When the fish tries to swim away, release it.