Menhaden Bills Introduced in Virginia General Assembly

Several bills dealing with menhaden have been introduced in the current session of the Virginia General Assembly.

They include:

SB765/HB2280 – Sen. Northam and Del. Cosgrove

Would transfer the authority to execute ASMFC menhaden fishery management plans from the General Assembly to the VMRC where all other ASMFC directives are handled.

HB1656 – Del. Purkey

Would prevent menhaden harvesting within one mile of shore in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, and Hampton.

HB2369 – Del Knight

Would reduce current cap on menhaden harvest in Chesapeake Bay (109,020 metric tons) by 20% each year starting 1/1/12.

HB1913 – Del. Miller

Would prohibit the harvest of menhaden by purse seine in the Rappahannock River and its tributaries.

HB2165 – Del. Abbitt

Would assess a fee of $10 per ton on menhaden harvested in Virginia waters.  Funds would be used to study the condition of menhaden in the Chesapeake Bay.

Stakeholders can track these bills at