ASMFC Summer Flounder, Scup and Black Sea Bass Board to Meet February 3, 2011

The ASMFC Summer Flounder, Scup and Black Sea Bass Board will meet via a web-based conference call on February 3, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.

The purpose of the meeting will be for the Board to consider approval of the 2011 state conservation equivalency proposals for summer flounder, as well as review possible options for recreational black sea bass management.

In December, the Board tasked staff with developing options for regional and state-by-state black sea bass measures. The Board may choose to move forward with including these options in a draft addendum for public comment to be approved on the conference call. The Board decided to meet via conference call in February to allow the necessary administrative time for the states to implement their summer flounder recreational measures before the start of the 2011 fishery.

To join the call, please go to the ASMFC website under meetings for instructions for the web and telephone portions of the call, For more information, please contact Toni Kerns, Senior FMP Coordinator for Management, at (703) 842-0740 or <>.

source: ASFMC