Virginia Red Drum – Speckled Trout Research

The Elizabeth River Project (ERP) is seeking anglers to help study red drum and speckled trout on the Elizabeth, Lafayette, and Lynnhaven rivers in Virginia.

In a partnership between with the Elizabeth River Project (ERP), Duke University Superfund Research Center, and the Virginia DEQ, researchers are conducting an angler survey to document fish catch and consumption and to collect speckled trout and red drum for PCB ( contaminant analysis.

Currently, fish consumption advisories exist on the Elizabeth and Lafayette rivers for popular sport fish such as striped bass, croaker, and spot; however, no consumption advisories are in place for speckled trout or red drum.

Current advisories are issued by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) based on fish and sediment monitoring data on these contaminants and others. The results of this study will be used to aid Virginia agencies in determining if the current advisories are sufficient or should be revised.

ERP is seeking anglers to donate whole red drum or speckled trout caught within one of the collection sites on the Elizabeth and Lafayette Rivers.

For questions about donating fish or to donate fish on the Elizabeth or Lafayette Rivers, contact Casey Shaw, 757-362-3967,

For questions about donating fish or to donate fish on the Lynnhaven River, contact Dave Koubsky, 757-362-3967,

source: Elizabeth River Project (ERP)